The Church of Belief Science (CBS) is fully affirming of women as members and leaders of the Church.  Two of four members of the Board of Directors of the CBS are women priests. Women’s issues are of importance, and there is a strong policy of fairness to all members of the Church, no matter what their backgrounds.  Some women ask about the Church’s policy on abortion, which is pro-life, and they express concerns about each woman’s right to address and to control her own body.  The Church has a very clear policy — women have full control over their bodies when it comes to birth control, and there is no Church prohibition on forms of birth control that prevent pregnancy.  The Church encourages women to be fully educated on means to prevent pregnancy. Women have the right to refuse sexual relations, and only consensual sexual relations are acceptable to the Church, which holds that women should be educated early about their rights and means to prevent  and to avoid sexual violence and harm. No woman should be placed in a position of self-defense related to sexuality. The CBS believes in education; it is one of the Canons of the Church. So we act to prepare our members … especially our young members about the benefit of loving, consensual, adult sexual relations. However, once there is conception in a maternal environment, the CBS holds the fertilized egg is protected domain.   Women who have unwanted pregnancies should be counseled on their options and supported by those around her that ascribe to the value of life.

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