Really, admissions counselors are your best resource for articulation agreements in their respective institutions – so use – One of the biggest challenges for four-year institutions with respect to articulation agreements is that transfer students learn too late at the community school. Don`t let that happen to you! Find out as soon as possible about your transfer options. If you ask an admissions counsellor or a community college administrator what a articulation agreement is, they would not hesitate to tell you. However, ask each student on a Community College campus, and you may not get the same answer. There are articulation agreements between many colleges, but the majority of students in the Community have no idea what they are. Program diagrams are very useful tools for transfer students. If you know what you want to study in a four-year institution, a program-to-program diagram shows you exactly what courses you need to take in your community school, which you are retransmling and keeping on graduation courses. Joint agreements should establish strong partnerships and coordination between schools to facilitate student transition. Identifying similar programs allows you to meet the requirements of a higher education institution and transfer them to another institution. A articulation agreement aims to create a seamless transfer experience for students moving from Community College to four-year institutions.

Not all community schools do, but most do, and they are an invaluable resource for transfer students. Read on to learn more about what an articulation agreement is and how it can be useful to you as a student at Community College. If you work for a bachelor`s degree but start your graduate studies at a junior university, articulation agreements can serve as a valuable roadmap by helping you stay on track to graduate. Are you interested in the courses that will be taught between Azusa Pacific University and more than 100 California Junior Colleges? Check the current APU agreements and contact us today. If you are considering moving from a junior college to a university, you should do some research first. Fortunately, many schools offer articulation agreements — and want to provide students with the information they need. How should students begin to explore their possibilities? The first step a student can take is to check the search for a transfer agreement on CollegeTransfer.Net in order to limit your potential targets. We have thousands of transfer agreements published in one place.

Many Community Colleges also provide detailed information on one of their transfer profile page, which you can find by name, location and other features. Transfer Tip: Find out what the magic GPA number is for the institutions you want to transfer to and work from the first semester in your current school on this GPA.