A plan OF THE PLANNING AND CONCEPTION OF COMMON REGISTRY SOLUTIONS Council of Australian Governments An agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia and the States and Territories, consisting of 5 specific measures for each of the measures in The Actio n Action Plan. Specific agreement 1, in principle, for the implementation of performance management for university and related degrees at the partnership level. 2 Choose an appropriate model for DCU and join the Union. Completion Date July 03 Complete d Yes No – N Yes Details of progress made so far, supported by relevant examples. Please provide clear and concise examples of progress. See Third Progress Report January 04 Yes See Third Progress Report 3 Start training for all staff members March 04 Yes And see Third Progress Report 4 Full Pilot Project for Some Divisions July 04 Yes See Third Progress Report. 5 Implement the diagram throughout the DCU. September 04 Yes – In addition, an evaluation report on the PMDS pilot program was released with recommendations from Willie Thompson, external training consultant. (Annex 1). The performance management and development subgroup has met and will continue to meet to review recommendations for the implementation of the report`s recommendations. A review of the regime will be underway. See third progress report. If some measures have not reached the completion date, please provide an explanation from the 3rd progress report.

A project ACCORD FOR the INDEPENDENT PUBLIC SCHOOLS INITIATIVE An agreement between: – the Commonwealth of Australia; and – the State of South Australia. This project will increase the autonomy of the 23 National Performance Management and Development Framework. Considerable progress has been made in developing and implementing a performance management and development program for the DCU. The pilot programme, which involved about 100 employees, was very successful, with positive feedback from management and staff. The benefits of this system for the DCU will be: – improved overall performance and planning (at the university, departmental and individual level) – improved communication between staff at all levels; – Better understand/clarify roles and responsibilities and how individuals can contribute to the activities of departments and universities – maintain a culture of continuous improvement in line with other quality assurance initiatives As part of the development and consultation process, we have already seen some signs of improvement in the areas mentioned above.