If the amount deducted at source does not cover assistance payments, the difference is recovered via a payment order. We can also terminate the contract without notice and demand immediate payment of an outstanding balance if you: Then, Revenue Quebec sends the assistance payments to the recipient of the aid. If you are unable to pay your debts in a lump sum because of your financial situation, we may be able to obtain a payment contract. This allows you to spread your payments over time, based on your creditworthiness, until your debts (and interest) are fully paid. A tax-free monthly payment to families to help them meet the needs of their children under the age of 18. This payment may include child disability allowance and benefits from provincial or territorial programs. Depending on the type of debt, you can make your payments in one way (or both) as follows: A payment order is a letter that Revenue Quebec sends to the payer for assistance. A transfer receipt is sent at the same time as the letter. The letter indicates the amount to be paid to Revenue Quebec and the frequency to be paid. You can also request a change online via the SARPA (Administrative Child Support Ra Service). The service allows you to amend a court decision that sets or authorizes the payment of assistance to a child under the age of 18 without going to court. Revenue Quebec will be informed of the change and will adjust the reception of family allowances accordingly.

Even if you have a payment contract, we can still resuscitate them an amount that you owe to pay your debts. The figures from the Quebec-Québécol Pension Plan contain basic information on Quebec`s retirement plan and the maximum monthly pension payments under the plan in 2020. The clerk sends a copy of the court`s decision or agreement to Revenue Quebec, which opens a file and contacts the payer and the recipient of the aid. In 1995, the Quebec government passed a law called the An Act to make it easier to pay aid. There is Revenue Quebec the power to ensure that child and spousal benefits are paid. Revenue Quebec also acts as an intermediary for the person providing support and for the person receiving it. You must pay an administrative fee of approximately $100, unless the debt is designed under tax law (not other tax laws that have nothing to do with income) and, during the 90-day period prior to the transfer of your file, you entered into a payment agreement with Revenue Quebec.