(i) Step one: Choose the service Enter your rental criteria in the online booking form, including rental dates, rental locations and vehicle choice. – Collision Damage Protection (CDW – Non-collision/damage): Our anti-collision product limits your financial burden for damage to the vehicle while it is in your care. If you purchase our standard anti-collision product and comply with the laws and general conditions, you will be exempt from the cost of damage to the vehicle that exceeds the excess amount specified in the terms of your lease. The surplus is determined by the class of the car and the protection you have acquired. You can reduce or eliminate the amount of the excess by purchasing our super-damage collision waiver products instead of the default collision damage abandonment. Damage protection does not protect you in the following circumstances:- Loss or theft or deterioration of objects or objects (including luggage or goods) deposited, stored or transported on the vehicle by you or by a passenger on the vehicle.- Damage caused: For business customers (B2B), please note that Europcar offers insurance coverage with limited coverage up to the excess amount indicated in your rental contract. Nevertheless, we insert that we reserve the right to terminate the lease if Europcar`s repair costs with the commercial customer represent more than 10% of Europcar`s turnover. During the rental, you must take all necessary protective measures to keep the vehicle in the condition in which you took possession. In particular, you and/or the driver must carry out the usual inspections concerning the condition of the vehicle, such as the oil and water level and tire pressure.a) Professional Customer Specific Provisions (B2B) You must present the rented vehicle to check its proper operation and possible damage, in addition to a payment method valid every thirty (30) days at the Europcar Station Agency for renewals. A period of five (5) working days from the date of termination of the lease is granted for the presentation of the vehicle.