A pet supplement (or a pet contract) to a rental agreement is a legal and mandatory contract between two parties, a landlord and the tenant. Hello, my current tenants have been renting from me for 3 years. Our contract has a No Pets clause without prior authorization. I just found out they have two dogs, a cat, a lizard and a turtle at home. My harassment on Facebook has given me even worse news, they have a dog crib and they come up from my house, and they have been doing this job from my house for over two years. We have agents who try to inspect the property regularly, but these tenants have always been difficult when it comes to arranging tours, now we know why! They kept evidence of the case hidden from agents when they visited the property, but their dog boarding shop has its own Facebook page displaying many photos of the inside page of my house filled with many dogs (I counted up to 6 in a photo), the address and fees are also listed on the page! With so many animals in the house was detrimental to the condition of the property! Do you have any recommendations on what I need to do? It`s so irritating! It is the man who is the problem, not the animal! Only to meet your potential tenant pet, see if it is taken care of, do 6 monthly checks on the ground. I guarantee you that if they are responsible owners, they would not refuse. I agree with the comments above, circumstances change! I am desperately looking for a dog owner because my 10-year-old partner is going to join the RAF and leave me in a house that I can`t afford. How annoying it is for me to come across an owner`s website called “Malting Bags of Ftahe”.

What an absolute sting they are. Trusted dogs receive as many dogs in them due to changing circumstances and people go to rented properties that refuse the dog. We are a generation of tenants… Owners need to change their attitude towards pets because they are only liars by tenants. Hello We have been with our owner for about 27 years and he is brilliant. We always had dogs, and until last year we were in charge of our Staffie daughters while she was at work. Unfortunately, we lost our beautiful boy last March. Our daughter rents to the same owner and, as a courtesy, asked if she could have a dog. He said that we and our daughter can have another dog, but not a STAFFIE as a friend of his had a staffie who attacked his boxer. When I told him about our old Staffie, he said he didn`t know we had a staffie (even though he was there while the dog was there). Staffies are the most wonderful dogs and there are many of them who need loving houses because they live in kennels.

Our owner can determine the type of dog our daughter may have or is against the law. We do not want to be a problem because he is a big owner, but it seems so unfair to discriminate against a breed of dog, and I wondered what we were doing. Thank you We are about to rent our property, we have four beautiful dogs of good behavior themselves and they live in a purpose built room located right next to our kitchen which has the dog hatch outside. Personally, as an owner, I don`t want to have my dogs in the house for various reasons. When I spoke to an owner to say that we were considering pets, but we would prefer the dogs to stay in the specially constructed space, she said that we could not put that in a pet clause.