Conciliation is usually done through a series of phone calls, but from time to time we will meet with the parties to discuss the issues and try to help them resolve the dispute. An agreement reached in conciliation (an agreement) is legally binding. If an agreement is not reached or one of the parties does not wish to attempt conciliation, we will issue the staff member a certificate that is necessary for court proceedings. There are a number of ways to solve problems in the workplace without going to an employment tribunal or tribunal. These include mediation, conciliation and conciliation. Before the law was amended in NI to introduce early conciliation on 27 January 2020, we set up a “pre-claim conciliation” service when problems in the workplace have not yet occurred, but they could lead to legal action. We have proposed mediation to the parties involved in order to contribute to a solution before an application is made. We offer a free mediation service to help parties involved in a labour dispute find a legally binding solution without the need to try a court. We propose both individual and collective conciliation, for example when an issue concerns a certain number of workers. The time to file an application in court (usually 3 months from the date of the incident or the alleged conduct) is suspended for up to one month, so that conciliation can be reviewed. Everything that has been said during conciliation cannot be used as evidence against you in court, and the parties can always return to mediation if they wish, even if legal proceedings have been initiated.

Their conversations are confidential and the conciliator is impartial and independent, so they are not on anyone`s side and have nothing to gain. You will help clarify your thoughts and consider any ideas you may have to solve the problem. The advantages of a quick conciliation are: another form of legally binding regulation is a “compromise agreement”. These agreements are concluded where the LRA is not involved. There are strict requirements for a compromise agreement – filing it and signing it in writing is not enough. You can make a quick conciliation notification on the LRA website. What happens during the conciliation process is the same thing. However, early conciliation can only take place for one calendar month from the date you make an early conciliation notification. If an agreement is not reached within the calendar month, but the parties are close to reaching an agreement, a two-week extension is possible. If you make an early conciliation notification, the watch will stop at time limits of up to one month of schedule (plus the two-week extension if this is the case).