TORONTO, November 7, 2016 /CNW/ – Unifor members of Local 414 in 20 food basic stores in municipalities across Ontario have ratified a new 4-year, 79 per cent collective agreement. Voting took place from October 30 to November 6 at various locations. From ratification, full-time workers will receive a lump sum payment of $1,500 and increases each year of the agreement. The first increase of 40 cents per hour will come into effect in August 2019. Other increases include 40 cents per hour in August 2020, 35 cents per hour in August 2021 and 35 cents per hour in August 2022. Tim Deelstra of UFCW Local 175, the union representing more than 7,000 basic food workers at the GTA, confirmed that part-time workers earn less than full-time workers by providing a copy of the collective agreement. The language negotiated in this agreement provides the Union Stewards with 15 paid minutes to meet new members. Other language improvements bring the treaty into line with existing legislation and the human rights code and gender-neutral language will be used consistently. Your Union will start meetings in the near future to hold a ratification vote.

Update (March 29, 2019): This agreement has been ratified by members. The new contract provides annual wage increases for full-time and part-time workers for each year of contract, a revised part-time work schedule, an increase in benefits and a better schedule, among others. The agreement contains the same essential provisions as those contained in the Unifor-Metro supermarket contract negotiated in 2015. Full-time and part-time members receive a pay increase of $1.00 per hour during the term of the contract, as well as a new minimum wage plus a provision for part-time workers, which guarantees an automatic adjustment of the hourly wage in the event of an increase in the minimum wage. In addition, the new agreement includes an audit of store planning, which aims to create more full-time jobs in the future, an update of gender-neutral language in the treaty, and the inclusion of an anti-violence and harassment policy in the workplace. Deelstra urges workers who feel they are not being treated fairly to contact their union. The collective agreement stipulates that “part-time workers must not work more than 24 hours per week.” This collective agreement, which expires on October 31, 2020, applies to employees of the Food Basics subsidiaries of Brampton, Brockville, Chatham, Cornwall, Kingston, Milton, Mississauga, Ottawa, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, St. Catharines, Thorhilln and Toronto.

Unifor is Canada`s largest private sector union and represents more than 310,000 workers. It was created on Labour Day 2013, when the Canadian Auto Workers and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers unions merged. Tim Deelstra of UFCW Local 175, the union that represents more than 7,000 food staples across Ontario, confirmed to Canadian Grocer that part-time workers are paid at a lower rate than full-time workers, but should not work more than 24 hours a week.