All graduates of the following classifications are included in the bargaining unit: the agreement requires a single lump sum bonus for all members of the bargaining unit. The money available for this bonus is 4% of the salaries of all faculty members. Here`s what you can do to help the negotiating team, your colleagues and yourself: the BOT team also announced that they would not be able to discuss pay or compensation until the end of the Landtag meeting in May. More worryingly, the team revealed that they would not be ready to discuss the family vacation until the fall. Although a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in December 2016 to “create a task force to develop a comprehensive campus vacation policy,” the Board of Directors team still does not have a sensible policy proposal. Chapter 447, the Florida Statutes, provides for collective bargaining by officials. The majority of our support staff are currently represented by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). University police personnel are currently represented by the Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association, Inc. (PBA). Members of the faculty in unit are represented by the United Faculty of Florida (UFF). UFF-UF and FEA held a conference call on 26.07.2018 from 3 p.m.

to 3:30 p.m. We used a free conference call number (712-775-7031, meeting ID: 831-773-884). The agenda was: 1. Introduction of all those who can succeed, experience in negotiations, role in this call; 2) Overview of the process to be negotiated when applying for a change in working conditions, as applied for this example 3) considers the next steps and planning. Laurie Taylor, Oscar Crisalle, Candi Churchill and Emily McCann. The negotiating team` Laurie Taylor and Héléne Huet met from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the West 212 Library with UFF-UF President Rael Sanchez to review previous work, discuss concerns and ensure strong communication to move forward. The negotiating team requested the award of sharing units to a member (and noted a recommended candidate who is not currently on the official team, if the person is available) to perform data analyses for salaries specific to the weighing institutes designated by the UF, standardized for the region and the cost of living, and standardizes for certain areas/areas, for spring 2019, autumn 2019 and summer 2019 if possible. The members of the negotiating team also requested release time for someone to work specifically on Diversity to support peer work in cultural change, in order to improve working conditions in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion. The meeting confirmed the UFF-UF`s commitment to strong and open communication on negotiations and procedural procedures, which is at the heart of trial concerns. Our team has proposed a number of improvements to the current CBA.

Your team has not yet reacted to most of them and has not yet put many proposals on the table. That is why we expect the negotiations to continue until spring 2020. Finally, the BOT team proposed amendments that would deprive the UFF of the right to deduct voluntary union dues from members` salaries if such activity was prohibited by state or federal law [proposed amendment to Article 5.8]. At first glance, this proposal seems unchallenged. But in fact, it`s pretty insidious. Under this proposal, the UFF would be directly subject to federal and federal law, not to the Florida Public Relations Commission (PERC). This distinction is important because PERC has played a historic buffer role between anti-worker politicians and the unions themselves – and has protected them from the punitive or unconstitutional efforts of the former.